• TinLizzie18 Long Arm Quilters

    Affordable long arm machines for both hobby and professional quilters.

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  • Computerized Quilting

    We’ve got some computerized
    quilting tricks up our sleeve!

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  • Phoenix Frames

    Specially designed to compliment TinLizzie18 long arm quilters.

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  • Pre-Loved Machines

    Excellent quilting companions
    seek warm, loving homes

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  • Quality Accessories

    How many ways will you add to
    your long arm experience?

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Park City Quilting extends you a warm welcome. We are conveniently located in picturesque Janesville, Wisconsin, a city best known for its abundance of beautiful parks and recreational areas. We encourage you to visit Park City Quilting Co. for a hands-on demonstration of  TinLizzie18 and Empress long arm quilting machines, or contact Park City Quilting Co. to see if a certified PCQC representative is in your local area.

Park City Quilting Company


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Get Quilting for as Little as $5,999!

Order a TinLizzie18 long arm or bundle from Park City Quilting
Co. and save big money off MSRP today! You’ll also receive our world-class customer support and training.

Stop by our showroom for a demo or call 608-449-3908 to order today!

Hands on Quilting Event!

Park City Quilting Co. / TinLizzie18 Training Event Call today to sign-up space is limited 608-756-2869   ! Fee $150.00 each Class! Feb 2nd   Thread Painting  |  Level: Beginner Do you want to learn those secrets to a show winning quilt? Learn how to adjust tensions for all kinds of threads. (So bring in some Continue Reading